Bernard Walsh, Will Speak at APITLAmerica Top Guns Conference

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.32.19 PMBernard Walsh will speak June 6 at the APITLAmerica Top Guns Conference about the “A- Z Basics of Handling Trucking Cases.” The APITLAmerica Conference, which will be held in St. Louis June 6-8, features an all-star conference faculty list.


William Babich
Ted Bassett
Lisa Blue
Frank Branson
Stephen Burg
Robert Crandall
Brian Davis
Joe Fried
Dr. Nancy Grugle
Ken Hardison
Jake Jagdfeld
Brice Karsh
Dr. William Manion
Dan Munley
Paul Paxton
Dan Ramsdell
Dr. Robert Ray
John Romano
Brooks Rugemer
Darin Schanker
Michael Schreyer
Chris Searcy
Lance Sears
Richard Silverstein
Tom Vesper
Bernard Walsh
Tim Whiting
Richard Zalasky
Dr Richard Ziernicki

Registration for this Plaintiff’s Only Conference is still open.

For Additional Information Contact APITLA at:

1-888-772-4852 or



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