FMCSA Administrator unveils service-forward website

From the Fast Lane Blog, the Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Transportation:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has one mission: safety. And to pursue that mission, we offer a wide variety of useful services and important information to bus and truck drivers, to carrier companies, and to consumers.

Today, I am proud to announce a significant advance in getting those resources into your hands more easily, our

Screen capture of fmcsa-dot-d.o.t-dot-gov

The new site puts our best foot forward by featuring the pages visitors access most often. We’ve also restructured our content based on who you are –driver, carrier, or consumer– and what you’re interested in –news, safety, registration, or regulations.

Screen capture of f.m.c.s.a - dot - d.o.t. - dot - gov

In addition to helping us move the needle on safety, the improves our stakeholder service. Whatever you’re looking for from FMCSA, from registering for a DOT number and learning about medical requirements to our popular consumer pages “Look Before You Book” and “Protect Your Move,” the new site makes it easier to find.

And with all of the resources we offer, we hope you’ll check back often to discover something new.



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