Mother loses daughters; Champions higher standards for semi truck underrides

From RTV6 in Indianapolis:

A North Carolina mother is calling for change to underride guard regulations after two of her children died this summer when their Crown Victoria slid backward underneath a semi-truck.

Marianne Karth contacted the Call 6 Investigators after researching and finding Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney’s story on the issue .

Underride guards are the metal barriers on the back of most large trucks designed to keep drivers from sliding underneath during a crash.

But a three-month investigation by the Call 6 Investigators revealed federal standards for underride guards may not be enough to keep motorists safe.

Karth was driving on Interstate 20 in Georgia with three of her children when police say a truck hit them, spinning their car backward and pushing it underneath a semi-truck.

Karth’s daughters AnnaLeah, 17, and Mary, 13, were both killed.

Read RTV6’s full story HERE


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