Investigating Trucking Accidents

Timothy Whiting, of Whiting Law Group in Chicago, writes on what it takes to thoroughly investigate a truck crash. This information, published in TruckAccident Magazine, includes valuable details the public should know. Here is an excerpt from that article:

Within 24 hours of being hired, a truck accident attorney “must” assemble their trucking accident emergency investigative response team at the scene of the accident. This team should include a truck accident investigator, a truck accident reconstruction specialist and/or a truck driving safety expert. The emergency investigative response team should photograph the roadway and any signs or markings, search for debris, take measurements and interview witnesses including the police who were at the scene, tow truck drivers, EMT and/or Fire Department personnel and of course, anyone who witnessed the accident. 

Read this article and others like it at Call Lori Tepper at APITLAmerica today at 888-772-4852, to learn more about TruckAccident Magazine. Also, learn more about putting the brakes on unsafe trucking companies online at – APITLA is serving America’s truck accident victims.



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