Fatigued Truck Drivers: Did you know…?

In the most recent issue of TruckAccident Magazine, Editor-in-Chief Dan Ramsdell writes:

Over forty percent of all truck crashes are caused, or contributed to be caused, by fatigued drivers.

Too often, commercial truck drivers are pressured by the companies they work for to drive more than the hours of service rules legally allow. The only reason they do this is for greedy, profit driven motives. As a result of fatigued truck drivers being pressured by the companies they work for, thousands of people are killed or injured each year in crashes with big trucks.
Fatigued driving has been the No. 1 safety problem in the trucking industry for each year for the past 30 years. It is truly sad that this problem has been, and still is, the number one safety problem for three decades and no one is doing anything about it.

It is up to trial lawyers and juries to let trucking companies know that it is no longer profitable to drive over hours and put lives at risk just for greedy and profit driven motives.

Dan and his APITLA colleagues have made an online magazine available to the public for information on how to handle big rig truck crashes. Read more by visiting http://truckaccidentmagazine.com/.


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