Connecticut Town Makes Trailer Tractor Safety A Priority

A tractor-trailer crash has inspired a Connecticut town to make tractor-trailer safety a priority.
In May 2012, a tractor trailer rolled over in Southbury, Connecticut because six of its 10 brakes were deficient. Had the truck been inspected, it would have been taken off the road until its brakes were fixed.
There were no injuries or deaths in this accident, but the town of Southbury wants to ensure that the tractor-trailers traveling through are safe so similar accidents are prevented when possible.
Town-officials have instated spot checks in the area of the accident. In June, 20 tractor trailers were stoppedand inspected as part of Southbury’s new focus on trucking safety. Of those 20 tractor trailers, five were taken off the road for maintenance issues and other interstate trucking violations.
This isn’t it for random inspections in Southbury. The Southbury Patch reported that town officials say inspections will continue throughout town to ensure the vehicles coming through are safe.
The TruckAccident Magazine staff would like to congratulate Southbury for doing its part to keep its residents safe and to keep unsafe truckers off America’s highways.


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