Simple Accident or Something More Serious?

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Mark A. DiCello, Esq. and Robert F. DiCello, Esq., of The DiCello Firm in Mentor, Ohio, write of the ins and outs of what happens in a big truck crash. This information, published in TruckAccident Magazine, includes valuable details the public should know. Here is an excerpt from that article:

While it’s broadly understood that the size and weight of big trucks make them dangerous, most victims are surprised to find out how many rules truck drivers have to know to safely share the road with every day passenger vehicles. Truck drivers are professionals. They have education requirements. Also, in addition to state laws, truckers and their bosses must know and follow a host of federal rules. These federal rules range from the requirements that commercial drivers conduct written safety inspections of their trucks before every trip, properly log all of their conduct on each trip, and there’s even a requirement that drivers avoid operating a truck while ill or fatigued. It’s important to know that the companies that hire drivers have to be as knowledgeable about proper driving technique and safety procedures as the drivers themselves. For that reason most trucking companies go to great lengths to provide drivers and other employees with handbooks, operator manuals and other written materials that cover safety. The trucking industry understands that the law dictates that nothing is more important than safety when operating a big truck.  So, when a big truck crashes it’s common for trucking company lawyers and their investigators to be called to the scene of the crash. In fact it’s not uncommon for trucking company lawyers to arrive at the scene of a crash while emergency response personal are on scene. This is all done to protect the big truck companies and their insurance partners from the people they harm.

Read this article and others like it at Call Lori Tepper at APITLAmerica today at 888-772-4852, to learn more about TruckAccident Magazine.  Also, learn more about putting the brakes on unsafe trucking companies online at – APITLA is serving America’s truck accident victims.


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