Settlement Planners Fight for Your Financial Interests

When a family is involved in an accident that results in a financial settlement, there are many unanswered questions potentially racing through your mind. “Will my settlement be enough to replace my income and pay all of my past and future medical bills?” or, “How do I know that my settlement will last the rest of my life?” and, “If I should pass away, how will my family be taken care of?”

Settlement Planners fight for your financial interests. The answers to these questions (and a whole lot more) are as close as your professional Settlement Planner. A professional Settlement Planner is equipped by training, knowledge and experience to help injury victims and their families (and their highly unique circumstances) financially plan and implement their settlements for the rest of their lives, and beyond. Planning that includes: income replacement, retirement plan management or replacement, college funding for children, covering future medical expenses, coordination with and preservation of Social Security and other government benefits, tax planning as well as insurance coverage such as health, liability, life and Long-Term Care, and survivorship, to name a few.

In the upcoming issue of TruckAccident Magazine, Jack Meligan, of Settlement Professionals, Inc., in West Linn, OR discusses the topic of settlement planners. Review this article and learn more about the topics you need to know if you’ve been injured in an auto accident.

Meligan’s tip for finding the right planner for you: Determine whether a prospective planner is a member of the Society of Settlement Planners (SSP. The SSP is a national organization that most reputable Settlement Planners belong to.


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