To The Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

Edward C. Bassett, Jr., Esq.

Edward C. Bassett, Jr., Esq.

“If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident, you need to retain an attorney with significant experience handling these cases. The attorney must have the resources to retain a number of experts, including an accident reconstruction expert, a private investigator and a toxicologist. A drunk driving case needs to be investigated immediately before witnesses disappear and memories fade.”

This is an excerpt from Edward C. Bassett, Jr., Esq.’s article in the December 2012 issue of TruckAccident Magazine. Bassett is a member of the firm Mirick, O’Connell,
DeMallie & Lougee, LLP, and is a member of APITLA.

Recently, APITLA members have come together to offer a free publication to victims of large truck accidents and their families. We publish TruckAccident Magazine to offer advice and information on all types of vehicle crashes – FREE – for the victims, and their families.

For more information on TruckAccident Magazine, call Lori Tepper at APITLAmerica today: 888-772-4852.


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