When Fatigued Truck Drivers are Involved in Your Accident

In the most recent issue of TruckAccident Magazine, Marion Munley, Esq., of Munley Munley & Cartwright, explained victims’ rights in a truck accident crash involving a fatigued driver. Her article, “Fatigued Truck Drivers”, cited the following: “A person who is injured in an accident caused by a fatigued driver has remedies in court. State law holds drivers who injure others due to carelessness or recklessness liable, and an injured person can recover damages for medical costs, property loss, lost wages and pain and suffering.”

This is important to understand as a victim in a truck accident. You have rights, and finding an attorney to help you through this tragedy, and ensure someone who was driving carelessly or recklessly is penalized appropriately, and you, the victim, is compensated for your injury or loss adequately. TruckAccident magazine has a board of directors in every region of our great nation to help victims in truck accident cases. Visit apitlamerica.com or all us today at 888-772-4852 to find help.



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