Truck Accident Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan Ramsdell talks why he created APITLAmerica and Truck Accident Magazine

Dan Ramsdell, Esq. Editor-in-Chief of Truck Accident Magazine gives his personal testimony for why he has worked to create APITLAmerica and Truck Accident Magazine.

“My mother and I were both nearly killed in a crash involving a big truck when I was only 17 years old (more than 40 years ago). We each suffered serious, permanent and life changing injuries. Neither of us would ever be the same.

The resources in this magazine were not available to us then. If they had been, the outcome for us would have been significantly different. It is now far too late for my mother and me, but perhaps it is not too late for you and your family.

The information contained in Truck Accident Magazine is provided as a free public service for truck accident victims and their families as they fight to rebuild their lives after a tragedyinvolving a big truck. It is a hard fight. I know.”

TruckAccident Magazine features hundreds of articles that are serving as a resource to the victims of truck accidents. The magazine will provide these victims with information that is helpful to them in their time of tragedy.

Call Lori Tepper at APITLAmerica today at 888-772-4852, to learn more about TruckAccident magazine.


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