TruckAccident Magazine is Here!

The ALL-NEW TruckAccident Magazine is live and is serving as an invaluable resource for truck accident victims and their families.

TruckAccident Magazine is an online publication that will feature hundreds of articles, easily accessible and serving as a resource to the victims of truck accidents. The magazine will provide these victims with information that is helpful to them in their time of tragedy.

Here is an excerpt from a recent issue of the July 2012 issue of the magazine:

“Thousands of tractor trailers share the roads with drivers just like you every day. Mixed in with the 80,000 lb. semis that are driving on America’s roads there are moms shuttling their kids to soccer practice, families taking road trips, and professionals rushing to business meetings. So when a trucking company fails to maintain their trucks and trailers to comply with safety regulations, the consequences can be disastrous.”

It is important to be educated about the facts surrounding many truck accident cases. This digital magazine, published monthly, will be specifically geared for truck accident victims and their families, so they have direct access to a huge amount of very helpful information.

Call Lori Tepper at APITLAmerica today at 888-772-4852, to learn more about TruckAccident magazine. Also, learn more online at – APITLA is serving America’s truck accident victims.


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