Truck Maintenance

In the Spring 2012 issue of The Lawyer’s Logbook, John C. Glennon, Jr., of, discusses semi truck maintenance, and the nuanced understanding needed by attorneys to fully engage in the science of a truck crash. Understanding the standards, and knowing if and why a semi truck’s mechanical failures were behind an accident is vital to ensure your plaintiff’s case is successful. The article, “Truck Maintenance”, explains:

“Truck crashes are commonly caused by mechanical failures. Most of these failures are not spontaneous, but progressive, and stem from maintenance deficiencies. Some examples of maintenance deficiencies that cause truck crashes are braking defects caused by oil-contaminated brakes, braking defects caused by brakes that are out of adjustment, tire failures from tires that are run under-inflated or over-loaded, wheel separations caused by wheels and hub assemblies that are improperly installed or maintained, and steering system components that are used and worn to the point where they separate and fail.”

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